Offshore & Onshore Services

On-site Testing & Calibration

ACL extends its calibration capabilities by providing a range of traceable onsite calibration services through UAE. Cost and commercial benefits of the customer is realised and our on-site services cover the major requirements of the site. Whatever your calibration requirements are, give us a call. If its time and process critical and needs to be calibrated sooner rather than later, we will be able to help. Our team consist of experts who have different specialization in calibration. So no matter what instrument you have, we have the right people for your job. Our calibration technicians and engineers are available during all working hours and ready to travel on short notice. Understanding commercial and cost benefits, the onsite services covers major requirements for Oil n’ Gas, Process, Engineering, Manufacturing, Fabrication industries. Servicing equipments onsite will considerably reduce the restitution time of your instruments which intern help you keep your operation intact.

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